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CAVU specializes in high-hazard, high-consequence industries where teams and leaders must perform at extremely high levels day after day.

An oil rig on the ocean at sunset

Oil & Gas

One of CAVU's core competencies, the oil and gas sector demands strict adherence to safety standards and procedures to ensure no time is wasted and everyone remains safe on the job.

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a large manufacturing plant with light coming through the ceiling


CAVU helps manufacturing teams and facilities keep productivity on schedule while protecting the well-being of personnel, equipment, and the environment.

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A seaside Port with numerous containers awaiting shipment


The world's supply chains depend on ports running accurately and efficiently. CAVU helps ports execute complex workflows between multiple teams and schedules with reliable consistency.

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CAVU ensures the resiliency and performance of the rapidly-growing renewables industry across wind, solar, thermal, and other emerging technologies.

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a ship captain sitting behind a control room on a large vessel


As former Navy commanders, we understand better than anyone what makes vessels and their crews run safely and efficiently.

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A police car's lights lit at night

Law Enforcement

How can you instill a culture of excellence, safety, and integrity to your law enforcement agency? CAVU helps teams solidify the behaviors and mindsets to build lasting community trust.

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Higher Education

Elevate your university's curriculum and shape future leaders with Leadership Pro, designed to empower students with real-world leadership skills.

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two security guards looking at a wall of surveillance monitors


Building from our military training, we help you develop and sustain a robust security environment for your home or business.

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A group of medical professionals walking down a hallway with their backs towards the camera


Creating cultures of continuous improvement, collaboration, and shared ownership within and between care teams.

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Proven Around The World

CAVU has delivered proven results within the most challenging environments around the world. Learn more about how we build world-class teams where the stakes are high and the possibility of failure is unacceptable.

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