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Police have a significant obligation to not only maintain law and order, but build trust with the communities they serve. CAVU helps agencies deliver both through specialized training and leadership development

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Establishing Consistent, Proven Rules of Engagement

Trust is not something you can surge. Trust in our communities, and more importantly our communities trust in us, is no exception. When someone makes a mistake or a terrible decision which violates established ROE (a decision that may spark a catastrophic reaction) community trust must have been a previous long-term investment to avoid historical negative reactions like we’ve experienced in the past.

At CAVU we can affect positive change in any culture, and especially the high reliability culture of community policing. Whether in a classroom environment, as a ride along mentor on the streets, or helping to jointly shape the culture of our civilian leadership, we can affect community wide changes that will be long lasting and have the greatest impact in the neighborhoods where we so proudly live and serve.

Creating Effective Leaders in Law Enforcement

Helping World-Class Police Agencies Through:

Police Resource Management (PRM) Training

People are the secret to high reliability.  CAVU trains and coaches your team to develop a continuous improvement mindset


Influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation while operating to accomplish the mission and improve the organization


Refining the exchange of information, ideas and beliefs, by verbal and non-verbal methods.  Techniques for giving feedback, listening, briefing and assertiveness

Team Backup

Always being prepared to reinforce a team member during operations, while also being prepared to communicate and intervene in an uncertain situation

Decision Making

After assessing the environment through situational awareness, reaching a judgment to choose an appropriate course of action


Instilling an unwavering practice of being honest, fair, and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values

Questioning Attitude

Developing a culture of understanding the worst possible outcome, dynamic external factors, and unexpected developments

A Sustainable Culture of Security Management

More than coaching or seminars. We help our law enforcement clients build cultures that lead to stronger teams

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CAVU Law Enforcement Training Areas Include:

  • Conflict Resolution

  • De-escalation Training

  • Physical Security

  • Sensitivity and Cultural Bias Training

  • Use of Force / Ladder of Force / Escalation of Force / Red Zones (Go / No-Go areas)

  • Team and Community Relations

  • Benefits of Foot Patrol over Mobile Patrol

  • Human Factors (Stress / Courage to Intervene)

  • Internal Affairs Overhaul and Review

  • Diversity Hiring

  • Questioning Attitude

  • A.R.E. Program

  • Scenario-Based Training

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