Primum non nocere “First, do no harm”

Healthcare providers encounter immense stress and complex demands on a daily basis. Effective training and process implementation can mean the difference between life and death, especially for critical patient environments.

A hospital operating room with medical equipment and doctors huddled together

Specialized Continuous Improvement For Healthcare Teams

Modern healthcare organizations must navigate multiple care teams, sophisticated technology systems, and challenging patients needs. Creating and sustaining effective training will not only lead to better patient outcomes, but reduce confusion, medical errors, and avoidable inefficiencies.

Our Healthcare Clients Experience:

Sustained Cultural Change

Developing a culture of perfection and ideal experiences for patients

Improved Teamwork

Collaboration and shared vision among different care teams

Reduction in Near Misses

Implementing processes and systems to guard against human error

100% Sustained Procedure Use

Highly regimented and standardized procedures for consistent behaviors

Clear Communication

Creating processes, systems, and procedures to ensure teams have full understanding of expectations and roles

Zero Safety Incidents

Elimination of safety risks and human-caused care errors

Global Safety Awards

Team-wide ownership of operations improvement and external recognition of success

Improved Reliability

Demonstrated ability to deliver consistently excellent care, regardless of patient load

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Key Indicators Your Team's Culture May Need Improvement

  • Lack of non-punitive approach to reporting safety/harm events
  • Near misses in medical errors
  • Inadequate procedures and checklists
  • Lack of accountability and discipline
  • Malpractice claims
  • Poor communication, preparation, leadership, and procedural compliance

Human Error in Healthcare Can Be Mitigated By

  • Leadership discipline and accountability
  • Standardized team behaviors and ownership
  • Repeatable usable procedures
  • The right mix of people and procedures
  • Developing a sustainable culture of safety

CAVU International Is The Recognized Leader In Eliminating Incidents and Increasing Team Performance

  • Executive (One-on-One) Mentorship & Coaching

  • Strategic Communication

  • Care Supervisor Coaching

  • Human Factors Integration

  • Crew Resource Management Training

  • Competency Program Development

  • Checklist Development

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