Raising your team's performance to the level of high reliability organizations like commercial aviation and nuclear power does not happen by chance, it requires deliberate action.

We will show you how they do it and how to make your "Perfect Day" repeatable.

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CAVU coaches share with your team a lifetime of experience in complex, hazardous environments like oil and gas, military and special forces operations.


Checklist Development

Employment Opportunities
CAVU is a growing company with many career opportunities focusing on developing a diverse workforce of highly talented exceptional individuals.  We are looking for people with previous experience in high risk industries and dual language capability coupled with significant leadership experience.  We invite you to explore the world of opportunities waiting for you.  Please contact us at  
info@cavu-intl.com  for an application.

On-site with your crew, we deliver the coaching and mentoring necessary to improve team behaviors and organizational culture.

We focus your team on these areas based on your organization’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Rig efficiency and logistics

Safety Leadership Performance Training

​​We leverage our military and energy sector experience to provide the best consulting service in the world for high hazard work environments.  Our focus is on Leadership, Process, Safety and Culture, where the consequences of human failure are unacceptable. 

CAVU (Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited) is the definition of the perfect day to fly.  We use your tools and programs to define your "Perfect Day" then develop a deliberate approach to making it repeatable throughout your organization.

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