High Productivity, High Reliability, Zero Incidents

CAVU develops teams and leadership skills to ensure manufacturing organizations and their plants meet deadlines and productivity demands while permanently eliminating incidents

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Building Winning Manufacturing Teams

CAVU has deep experience optimizing manufacturing operations. We
create operational excellence while meeting production, cost management,
and team-wide safety objectives

Results We've Delivered For Our Manufacucturing Clients:

Drastic Reduction in NPT

Alignment across frontline and leadership teams on strategic priorities and expectations

Zero Safety Incidents

Every individual kept safe and productive, and established procedures to maintain safety of the entire workforce

100% Sustained Procedure Use

Total team-wide adherence to standards in process, checklists, and expectations throughout the manufacturing process

200+ Days Ahead of Ops Plan

Drastic increase in production to accelerate timescales and ensure deadlines are safely met

Selected for Global Safety Award

Recognition of safety culture throughout the organization and wider industry

50% Reduction in Average Days in Repair

Standardized  equipment management and maintenance practices mean less NPT due to equipment and machinery failure

Drastic Reduction in Flat Time & Down Time

Shorter and fewer non-productive periods between manufacturing stages and workforce exchanges

Improved Profitability

High-performing teams that meet their mission objective faster, safer, and more reliably means higher margins, faster production, and greater value

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Key Indicators Your Team's Culture May Need Improvement

  • Reoccurring incidents and near misses
  • Inadequate procedures
  • Lack of accountability
  • Poor communication, preparation, leadership, and procedural compliance
  • Excessive unplanned maintenance

Human Error Can Be Mitigated By

  • Leadership discipline and accountability
  • Standardized team behaviors and ownership
  • Repeatable, usable procedures
  • The right mix of people and procedures
  • Developing a sustainable culture of safety

CAVU International Is The Recognized Leader In Eliminating Incidents and Increasing Team Performance

  • Executive (One-on-One) Mentorship & Coaching

  • Frontline Supervisor Coaching

  • Practical “On-site” Workshops

  • Human Factors Integration

  • Crew Resource Management Training

  • Work Instruction and Checklist Development

  • Operational Excellence Keynotes & Seminars

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