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An online leadership training resource that uses that same skills and strategies CAVU develops in teams around the world.

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How to Rise to the Top in Any Profession

Learn from the Best, Anywhere, Anytime

Leadership PRO Online Course – a library of relevant and engaging videos at your fingertips that you can reference for any real-world situation, accessible from your phone, tablet or laptop.

If you are a current or former CAVU client, you will recognize the same world class coaches you’ve worked with in the past – a great way to stay current when the coaches are away!

Lead and Win! Your personal ticket to access the tips and techniques used by Top Gun Commanding Officers, Aircraft Carrier Commanders, Strike Fighter Wing Commanders, The Blue Angels, Force Master Chiefs and Fleet Master Chiefs, just to name a few.

Leadership PRO delivers the fundamentals, skills and actions that will make you a great leader. You will have access to continuously updated material in an expanding video library of relevant, usable and evolving information.

Leadership Pro Benefits

  • 70+ Video Segments

  • 10+ Hours of Video Content

  • Access To Current and Future Modules

  • New Videos Added Regularly

  • Group Collaboration Through Exclusive Members-Only
    Facebook Group

  • Access to our Full Team of Mentors

  • A Resource and Relationship for your Entire Career

What Do Our 10,000+ CAVU Trained Clients Say?

“Leadership PRO sets itself apart from other leadership courses. This course identifies specific real-world examples where these leadership strategies have had a positive impact, made them relevant and relatable to my industry, and presented them in a way that is retainable.”

Safety and Efficiency Leader

"CAVU’s Leadership PRO is leadership training put together in a completely new, different, and better way than what I have experienced before. It is a very well composed course that I think most leaders should complete."

Corporate Executive

“This is a great tool for any team interested in building leaders. Each lesson is loaded with real life lessons that are actionable, straight to the point and leaves you wanting more as you progress to the next lesson.”

Police Chief

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