Human Performance Instructor Course

An online leadership training resource that uses that same skills and strategies CAVU develops in teams around the world.

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Create Human Performance subject matter experts within your organization’s own workforce

Inspired by TOPGUN

Modeled upon the framework of the Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program (TOPGUN), CAVU’s Human Performance Instructor (HPI) Course is a five day course designed to create Human Performance subject matter experts within your organization’s own workforce.

This course isn’t for “just anyone.” The HPI certification is meant for those within your organization that demonstrate a high level of motivation, commitment, and competency. Prior to being nominated by their supervisor to attend the in-person course, the student must first fully complete CAVU’s Leadership PRO Online Course and pass a Leadership PRO test to demonstrate mastery of the subject matter.

Upon graduation, HPI graduates will be able to perform high-quality engagements within their teams to sustain human performance training on-site and maintain a high level of operational excellence.   

Course Overview

  • HPI Foundations
    Leadership Fundamentals
    Continuous Improvement (CI)
    Team Resource Management (TRM)

    HPI Skills
    Presentation Techniques & Tips
    Public Speaking
    Coaching & Mentoring
    Leading Up

    HPI Tools
    Leadership PRO Videos
    CAVU Leadership / CI / TRM briefing templates
    Checklist Development
    Leadership Roundtables (LRT)
    Individual Action Plans (IAP)

    Student Exercises and Presentations

The Details


The HPI Course will be held at the CAVU Center of Excellence located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Or, if need be, CAVU coaches can travel to your location to conduct the course at your own facility. 


Post graduation, every two years, all HPI graduates will be invited to a Biennial HPI Refresher Summit to review new material, techniques, and trends developed since their initial training.


The graduates will become part of the HPI alumni and receive discounted annual subscription to the online Leadership PRO Course system where they’ll receive new training
material and tools regularly.

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