Global Supply Chains Depend on Ports Operating Efficiently and Reliably

CAVU develops teams and leadership skills to ensure ports meet deadlines and productivity demands while permanently eliminating incidents

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Delivering Results for Ports and Logistics Teams

CAVU has deep experience in the Port and Marine Industries,
creating operational excellence while managing complex schedules,
team dependencies, and external variables

Results We've Delivered For Our Port Clients:

Direction and Vision

Alignment across frontline and leadership teams on strategic priorities and expectations


Ensuring each individual has understanding of their role and responsibility for team-wide success

Accountability Up & Down

Holding individuals and groups accountable to their roles and responsibilities, while developing an attitude of building value for the organization


Lean and efficient operations that achieve the business objective while managing costs

Clear Communication

Creating processes, systems, and procedures to ensure teams have full understanding of expectations and roles

Procedural Compliance

Perfect adherence to customs, paperwork, registration documentation, and other regulated activities

Project Deadlines Met

The world relies on ports to operate on schedule. We help make sure everyone is pulling in the same direction to complete projects on time

Project Overruns Eliminated

Projects completed on time, in budget, and with perfect safety records

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Key Indicators Your Team's Culture May Need Improvement

  • Reoccurring incidents
  • Inadequate procedures
  • Lack of accountability
  • Poor communication, preparation, leadership, and procedural compliance

Human Error Can Be Mitigated By

  • Leadership discipline and accountability
  • Standardized team behaviors and ownership
  • Repeatable usable procedures
  • The right mix of people and procedures
  • Developing a sustainable culture of safety

CAVU International Is The Recognized Leader In Eliminating Incidents and Increasing Team Performance

  • Executive (One-on-One) Mentorship & Coaching

  • Frontline Supervisor Coaching

  • Practical “On-site” Workshops

  • Human Factors Integration

  • Crew Resource Management Training

  • Work Instruction and Checklist Development

  • Operational Excellence Keynotes & Seminars

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