CAVU deploys tested, regimented, and immediately validated safety and leadership strategies that ignite lasting organizational change.

We were born from an idea that substandard performance and catastrophic incidents are not the results of inevitable chance or human nature. They are the result of two simple, yet misunderstood factors: leadership deficiencies and inadequate safety training.

After more than two centuries of combined leadership and tactical experience at the highest levels of the United States Navy, we partner with ambitious companies to address both, with a clear focus on the business mission. Our approach is rooted in our Continuous Improvement Model – a rapidly deployable and dynamic system that ensures team-wide alignment on the mission objective(s) and how to meet them day after day.

The Continuous Improvement Model

Joining with high-hazard industries to create organizational resiliency through superior training

Drawing from our military training, we develop high-reliability teams across roles and capability, from the frontline up to the executive management. For the frontline, we habituate processes to reliably meet production and quality benchmarks while protecting the wellbeing of equipment, the environment, and themselves. For supervisors, leaders, and management, we help define your successful outcome and create a deliberate plan of behaviors and strategies to achieve it.

Most importantly, we engage the entire organization to capture what was learned, what can improve, and what will lead to continued future success.

Bridging the gaps between effective management, actionable training, and enduring implementation, we help teams evolve beyond merely reacting to internal and external circumstances but proactively, confidently, meeting them head-on.

At CAVU, our mission objective is simple: empower your team to achieve yours.

Our Services

How We Work

The success and satisfaction of our clients drives everything we do. As a team devoted to helping other teams excel, we hold ourselves to incredibly high standards to build trust with every engagement.


CAVU was founded on an unwavering fidelity to do what is right and hold ourselves to the highest possible moral standards. Our culture of integrity permeates everything we do, superseding any internal objective or client demand. It is what separates us from competitors, defines our people, and directs our response to the challenges of each day.


Drawing from our military and high-risk industry expertise, we acutely understand the razor-thin margins between continued success and catastrophic failure. Relentless improvement and sustained focus on the objective allow us to reach new heights in our own performance, thus raising the benchmark that we can lift our clients to.  


We rely on our team to exercise unfaltering commitment to the mission throughout our client engagements, serving as a trusted extension of our clients’ team. We believe that our value proposition is only fully realized when all parties involved demonstrate total commitment to transformational change, and we lead with that level of commitment from start to finish.


We are not the consultant that stands with a clipboard writing up reports. We come alongside teams in their unique context, get our hands dirty, and lead improvement implementation in the ways that make the greatest impact on the operation and objective.

Strategic Partners

Integration of world class services, systems and software are essential to a complete training portfolio.  When CAVU can't provide a 'Best in the World' component that will accelerate our clients’ performance, we form a strategic alliance with the company that does.

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