Mitigating dynamic threats to personnel, property, and other assets

It's more challenging than ever to maintain security, especially with more frequent political and social unrest combined with typical criminal activity.

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Rely on The Team with Proven Security Expertise

At CAVU, we build on our decades of military experience in Special Operations, Military Police and Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection to develop comprehensive security solution. Our military experience is complemented by the latest and most up-to-date security sector expertise in order to ensure we provide you with the most appropriate security environment for your home or business.

Securing What Matters for Clients Around the World

Direction and Vision

Alignment across frontline and leadership teams on strategic priorities and expectations


Ensuring each individual has understanding of their role and responsibility for team-wide success

Accountability Up & Down

Holding individuals and groups accountable to their roles and responsibilities, while developing an attitude of commitment to the objective


Lean and efficient operations that achieve the mission objective while managing costs

Clear Communication

Creating processes, systems, and procedures to ensure teams have full understanding of expectations and roles

Procedural Compliance

Perfect adherence to unique operational demands, stages, and plans

Repeatable Usable Procedures

Establishing systems and processes to continue building security resiliency over time

A Sustainable Culture of Security Management

More than coaching or seminars. We help our clients build security systems that continue to perform and deliver value

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CAVU Eliminates Threats and Improves Security Service Performance Through Offering:

  • Risk and Threat Assessments

  • Security Strategy Development

  • Physical Security

  • Personal Security Training

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