CAVU Human Performance Instructor Course Celebrates Overwhelming Success

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CAVU Human Performance Instructor Course Celebrates Overwhelming Success

164 Graduates Since 2022 from High-Hazard, High-Consequence Industries

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., May 29, 2024 – CAVU, a pioneer in safety and leadership training, is transforming professionals from high-hazard, high-consequence industries into experts on human performance who can help their companies get better every day at achieving their purpose.

Human performance refers to individual or group actions in a given task as influenced by human and environmental factors. The Human Performance Instructor course is founded on three pillars of human performance optimization: leadership fundamentals, continuous improvement and team resource management.

CAVU recently completed its 19th HPI course. Since its inaugural class in November 2022, the course has welcomed 164 dedicated professionals from across six industries and 11 companies, including Woodside Energy, Hess, Key Energy, John Deere, Alpek Polyester, NetJets, ExxonMobil and GP&C.

The HPI course, held at the CAVU Center of Excellence in Virginia Beach or available as a roadshow option, spans five intensive days. It equips graduates with a foundational knowledge base, enhanced teaching skills and practical tools to foster a culture of operational excellence and high reliability in their companies.

"Our HPI Course is more than just training — it is a transformational experience that equips leaders to effectively influence their organizational culture," said CAVU CEO Dave Burnham, who brings a lifetime of experience in leadership, teamwork and communications from the U.S. Navy and executive management in the oil and gas industry.

“With 164 graduates now part of our global HPI alumni community, we are seeing real changes in how companies manage safety and leadership challenges,” Burnham said.

Participants have included safety directors, health safety and environment managers, vice presidents of operations, operations managers, process engineers, maintenance managers and safety specialists. “The CAVU Instructors were the best part of the class. Exceptional leaders teaching leadership,” said graduate Chad Jarvis, wells operations integrity manager with ExxonMobil.

Led by a trio of skilled instructors, the course follows a "teach-the-teachers" model, a strategy developed during the challenging aerial combat scenarios of the Vietnam War. This approach, proven in the creation of the Navy Fighter Weapons School, focuses on developing highly skilled instructors who can propagate knowledge and skills throughout their organizations.

Students engage in exercises including practical applications, presentations and leadership roundtables to cement their learning and prepare them to act as local experts and mentors within their organizations.

CAVU also provides ongoing support to its graduates through quarterly “Community of Practice” sessions, an online resource portal and an annual “Standardization Check” given on site by a senior CAVU mentor/coach.

As CAVU continues to expand its reach and impact, the organization remains committed to its mission of building strong leadership fundamentals and enhancing safety protocols through education and practical training.

About CAVU

CAVU, a RelyOn Nutec partner company, deploys tested, regimented and immediately validated safety and leadership strategies that ignite lasting organizational culture change. The company was born from an idea that substandard performance and catastrophic incidents are largely rooted in human error. CAVU stands for “Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited,” an aviation term that defines the perfect day to fly. CAVU helps clients define their “perfect day,” then develops a deliberate sustainable approach to making it repeatable. To learn more, visit

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