Meet Our Newest CAVU Coaches: Elevating Safety, Leadership, and Performance

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We are excited to introduce four outstanding coaches who have recently joined the CAVU team. Each brings a wealth of experience and a unique background, enhancing our commitment to operational excellence, safety, and leadership development. Let's introduce you to Adolfo Ramirez, Ravshan Beasley, Renato Leite, and Sam Cowan.

Adolfo Ramirez: With a distinguished 30-year career as a Navy Master Chief, Adolfo is a seasoned professional focused on improving operational excellence, culture, and leadership. He has extensive experience in investigative analysis processes and high-reliability operations. Adolfo's career includes 18 years of senior leadership and management, where he served on eight U.S. naval aircraft carriers and multiple shore-duty overseas assignments. Notably, he led the Commander Naval Air Forces Aviation Maintenance Management Inspection Team Four, served as USS Ronald Reagan’s Aviation Intermediate Maintenance Department Leading Master Chief, and mentored officers, chiefs, and junior sailors at the Training Support Center in San Diego. Since retiring from the Navy, Adolfo has dedicated himself to coaching and mentoring young Navy Training Officers and has now trained as a CAVU coach, ready to bring his high-tempo and high-risk naval aviation maintenance expertise to the oil drilling industry.

Ravshan Beasley: Ravshan brings a keen intuition for aligning human performance with institutional goals, leveraging his extensive Army background in Strategic Arms Control and diplomatic assignments. Fluent in English and Russian, Ravshan holds a master’s degree in International Relations, enabling him to connect with personnel at all organizational levels and understand the psychological factors of human performance. His transition to the oil and gas industry began in Sakhalin, Russia, and other regions in 2013, applying his military and leadership experience to achieve tangible results for our clients.

Renato Leite: A retired Captain from the Brazilian Navy Marines Corps, Renato's career spans over 34 years of active duty and 8 years in retirement. He has completed numerous specialized courses, including Teaching Technique, Flight Safety with the Brazilian Air Force, Special Forces Comando, Port State Control, General Staff Master, and a PhD in Maritime Policy and Strategy with the Brazilian Navy. Renato also holds an MBA in International Relations from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. As a skilled helicopter pilot, he has logged over 2,011 flight hours, including significant offshore activity, demonstrating exceptional leadership and expertise in various high-stakes environments.

Sam Cowan: Sam served as a Fighter Pilot in the Royal Air Force for over 17 years, flying the Tornado F3 and the Multi-Role Typhoon (Eurofighter). As a front-line Squadron Executive Officer, he ensured personnel and equipment were Quick Reaction Alert and deployment-ready. He commanded multiple detachments worldwide, showcasing calm leadership skills under pressure and a comprehensive understanding of elite team dynamics. After his RAF service, Sam instructed as a civilian contractor in the Middle East and Far East, gaining unique cultural and business insights and amassing over 3,000 fighter hours. His career faced significant challenges, including surviving a high-speed ejection from a Tornado F3, leading to a remarkable recovery and continued service. Sam is excited to join CAVU, bringing his expertise in Safety, Leadership, and Performance Training.

These distinguished professionals are set to enhance CAVU's offerings with their diverse experiences and deep commitment to excellence. Welcome Adolfo, Ravshan, Renato, and Sam to the CAVU family!

Pictured Left to Right:

Back: Monty Ashliman, Adolfo Ramirez, John Dixon, Denise Herron, Carol Smith, Renato Leite, Claudio Lima, Sam Cowan
Front: Craig Yager & Ravshan Beasley

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