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Where does leadership training fall within your team’s priorities? Although not exclusive to the oil and gas industry, I’ll use the energy industry as an example. When the price of oil per barrel was well over twice what it is today, the oil and gas industry enjoyed record level revenue margins. Today, small companies are going out of business or being consumed by larger companies, while larger companies are “restructuring”.

When the industry enjoyed record revenues and everyone involved in the company was making significant amounts of profit, an argument could be made that leaders didn’t have to focus on leadership training. They didn’t need to spend time on the foundations of leadership that focus on people, procedural compliance, and the tenants that have made the best of teams successful during the most challenging of times – because it simply wasn’t a challenging time.

When an industry is forced to work within the complex world of geopolitics and the industry commodity is devalued, there is little even the largest companies can do to influence net income other than downsize, divest or lay off employees…or is there?

Today, industries of all types are realizing that the one thing they can control is the leadership development of their people, thereby increasing net revenue during economic downturns. By training team members to think about continuous improvement processes and ensuring the development of their people is the top priority, those companies will find themselves on the plus side of the revenue curve.

Here at CAVU, we recognize the value of leadership development towards the foundation of a team with resiliency and staying power, particularly during the most difficult of times and when the competition is throwing in the towel. CAVU offers world class coaches leveraging hundreds of years of combined military leadership experience represented by the development of our new online course, Leadership PRO.

Leadership PRO is a virtual library of videos that you can access anytime, anywhere from your phone, tablet or laptop. This course is your personal ticket to access the tips and techniques used by TOPGUN Commanding Officers, Aircraft Carrier Commanders, Strike Fighter Wing Commanders, The Blue Angels, Force Master Chiefs and Fleet Master Chiefs, just to name a few.

The first section of Leadership PRO, Leadership Fundamentals, includes 10 Modules that delve into:

  • Leadership vs. Management
  • Leadership Principles
  • Leadership Traits
  • Leadership Styles
  • Delegation
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Strategic Communication
  • Mentoring
  • and Leading Remote Workers

Learn more here.

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