Human Performance Competencies: The Missing Piece in Your Organization's Puzzle

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Operational excellence is a term that is frequently used in today's business world. It refers to the consistent application of effective and efficient operational processes and practices that are aimed at achieving superior business results. While most organizations invest heavily in advanced equipment and technology as well as technical skills and knowledge, they often fail to recognize the importance of human performance in achieving operational excellence.

At CAVU, we define operational excellence as the combination of advanced equipment and technology along with a high level of verifiable technical skills and human performance competencies faithfully applied in all daily operations. Our mission is to help organizations build a sustainable culture of operational excellence by developing the third side of the Operational Excellence triangle, which is human performance standards.

To achieve consistent high reliability, organizations must treat human performance as an equal side of the triangle. This means defining the competencies required, training to them from day one, and deliberately maintaining the level needed for sustained operational excellence. Our Human Performance Instructor (HPI) Course focuses on key tenets of human performance, leadership, and team culture, as well as individual competencies in communication, coaching and mentoring, and training facilitation.

By modeling the HPI Course after the TOPGUN program, CAVU aims to create a similar level of excellence in its participants. Graduates of the program become part of an elite cadre of subject matter experts from around the world, who are trained to deliver consistent high-quality expertise to their individual organizations. Through standardization checks and a biannual refresher summit, graduates are kept up-to-date with the latest tools, techniques, and trends, ensuring that they are always razor-sharp in their skills.

Investing in your staff's human performance through the HPI Course can create an internal reinforcement capability to your team's operational excellence culture. If you're ready to take the next step, contact us for a free consultation.

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