CAVU Coaches "Going to the Gemba"

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At CAVU, we don't just believe in the concept of "Gemba" - we live it! Our coaches the extra mile by embedding with our clients for entire shifts, sometimes even weeks at a time. We get down to the nitty-gritty, working side by side with you to grasp the real challenges and opportunities.

"Gemba" is a Japanese term used in the context of Lean management and continuous improvement methodologies. It literally translates to "the actual place" or "the real place." In a business or manufacturing setting, it refers to the physical location where the value-creating work takes place, such as the shop floor in a factory, the workspace in an office, or any other operational area where goods are produced or services are delivered.

The concept of Gemba is a fundamental principle in Lean thinking, which focuses on identifying and eliminating waste to improve efficiency and effectiveness. By "going to the Gemba", managers and improvement teams can observe the processes, interactions, and challenges firsthand.

From the icy workover well pad in North Dakota to the drilling rigs in West Texas and everything in between, CAVU Coaches are there to experience it firsthand with our clients -- whether it's a manufacturing line shift turnover brief or climbing 80 meters up with wind technicians.

We are all about immersive learning and creating value from the ground up. Thank you to our coaches for your commitment and passion to making a real impact on our clients' success. Let's keep pushing boundaries and making a difference!

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