Making The Perfect Day Repeatable – Safety Is The Natural Result

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Safety is the Natural Result of Precision Operations. At CAVU, our coaches are experts at transferring High Reliability Organization “best practices” to our Oil and Gas industry clients who operate in challenging and hazardous environments. The consequences of an incident on a drillship operating hundreds of miles offshore and an aircraft carrier sailing in unfriendly waters are equally unacceptable and must be prevented 100% of the time, with no exceptions.

A team's culture, leadership and processes are core elements of high performing, safe operations. The culture of a team must be driven by a specific set of principles that guide human behavior, provide a basis for training and give us a standard to measure against CAVU uses the same six pillars used by the U.S. Navy's Nuclear Power program, which has kept that huge organization accident free since inception in the early 1950s to prevent accidents.

When we do an initial assessment of a client's operations, we assess these specific areas: Integrity, Communication, Level of Knowledge, Procedural Compliance, Forceful Team Backup and Questioning Attitude. Then we assess leadership. Most people are not born with the skills to lead effectively, so leadership training is essential. In the Oil and Gas industry, most leaders are promoted based on job performance, energy and attitude. While all very important, they alone do not provide the toolbox for a highly effective leader. We leverage our past military experience of deliberate leadership development to provide traits and principals training as well as one-on-one mentoring in the actual work environment. We help supervisors develop daily visible leadership actions to improve safety, performance and morale of their teams.

Successful high reliability organizations have procedure-based cultures not an experience-based culture, so standardization and compliance are our next focal points in the actual job processes. We look at how their teams define the job objective, plan for success, communicate the plan, execute and then evaluate their performance. Following this evaluation or debrief process, we ensure that they have a solid mechanism for efficiently capturing the lessons learned and effectively using them on subsequent operations. Any team effectively integrating procedure-based culture and deliberate leadership with usable and repeatable-processes, will achieve the best possible, and most importantly, sustainable results.

The flow of our offshore and onshore training follows a standard pattern, but is adaptable to the individual training audience. We recommend initial shore based group events to align the teams, followed up by regular on site coaching visits for assessment, training and sustainment. We also have the capability to augment the training with scenario-based simulation through our partnerships. Although this is a continuous process, typical return on investment exceeds 400% in the first year.Typical results after a six-month program are as follows:

  • Total Reportable Incident Rate decrease of 50%
  • Time to Drill a Well decreased by 30%

Specific examples of where this approach has shown noticeable improvements in safety and performance are available upon request.Our Partnerships allow us to combine many additive capabilities when required. Oil-tec Solutions AS, a Norwegian company, brings a suite of world-class scalable simulators for Lifting and Drilling operations and Ofserv Nigeria Ltd brings a high-level technical drilling expertise, data collection and analysis.

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