Coach Q&A with Farris Foresman

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What is your role at CAVU?

I am a safety, performance and leadership coach for the CAVU team currently working with a major oil and gas service provider in North America.  For the past couple years, I’ve had the opportunity work extensively in the Energy Sector helping teams improve their safety and efficiency.  I’ve been able to pass along leadership techniques and actions learned over my 31 years in the military and Oil and Gas industry to help our partners perform better.

How does CAVU provide a sustainable culture change?

CAVU works with the entire team on site, from senior personnel to floor hands, over the course of our visits. Part of the CAVU process is to assist the entire leadership structure of an organization in identifying challenges at each level and work with individual team members to make personal action plans focused on reducing or removing barriers to high performance.

Managers and supervisors take ownership of challenges at each level by making a personal commitment to work on those things within their sphere of influence. Each level of leadership takes responsibility for those that work for them by physically assessing progress on reducing barriers and empowering their workers to sustain those improvements.

How do we help our clients move away from an experienced-based decision culture?

The key is demonstrating the actions high performing teams take to ensure predictable results, and how that is far superior to relying on experience based decision making which can vary greatly from person to person.  Each decision should be evaluated on its merits, based on facts and procedures, in determining what method would work best, given the situation. The best leaders also ensure collaboration with their team takes place, looking at different options, and carefully ensuring communications are clearly articulated and understood at every level of the operation.

How is CAVU different from other training companies?

The biggest difference is CAVU’s commitment to its people and its clients.  Their success, is our success.  CAVU gives its coaches the ability to assess and recommend modifications of job objectives based on each individual site.  Individual client operations get a tailored solution based on their specific requirements and environment.

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