New Process Safety Mini Course Available on Leadership Pro

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Announcing our new Process Safety Mini-Course within the Leadership Pro online course! This course is designed to provide you with essential knowledge and tools to enhance safety practices within your organization. Whether you're a safety professional, a manager, or someone interested in improving safety protocols, this course is for you.

Course Overview:In this Mini-Course, you will explore the fundamentals of Process Safety, learn about key elements of the OSHA Process Safety Management Standard, understand the importance of developing a Process Safety culture, and delve into risk management techniques such as Bow-Tie Analysis and Operational Risk Management.

What You'll Learn:

  • Gain insights from real-world case studies, including the Bhopal chemical tragedy and the sinking of the Ocean Ranger offshore rig.
  • Understand the distinction between Personnel/Occupational Safety and Process Safety.
  • Learn about the 14 elements of the OSHA Process Safety Management Standard and how to implement them effectively.
  • Explore strategies for developing a Process Safety culture within your organization.
  • Dive deep into risk management techniques such as Bow-Tie Analysis and Operational Risk Management.
  • Discover how to apply Process Safety principles to mitigate the consequences of human error and prevent disasters.

Course Format:

  • Six video segments, each covering a specific aspect of Process Safety:
    1. Process Safety Intro / Case Study: Bhopal
    2. What is Process Safety?
    3. Developing a Process Safety Culture
    4. Bow-Tie Analysis
    5. Operational Risk Management
    6. Process Safety Case Study: Ocean Ranger
  • Comprehensive learning objectives for each segment.
  • Engaging case studies and examples.
  • Quizzes and assessments to reinforce learning.
  • Total length: 1 hour

Investment:Enroll in the Process Safety Mini-Course today for only $79. Gain access to valuable insights and tools that can help you enhance safety protocols and prevent disasters within your organization.

*Note: Current subscribers to the Leadership Pro CourseBundle have access to the new Process Safety Videos within their subscription under Module 17. Login here!

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