Empowering Veterans Through the Healing Power of the Sea

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CAVU International proudly sponsors The SUP Veterans, an exceptional organization dedicated to providing life-changing experiences for veterans through ocean-centric activities. The retreat is centered around the world champion surfers of SUP 'n' Surf who teach our Veterans how to surf using a stand-up paddleboard.  This world-class instruction is combined with other modalities designed to foster camaraderie, centering experiences, and professional training for Veterans of all ocean-related skill levels.

This year, we were honored to sponsor one of our esteemed coaches, Bret Roy, retired Sergeant Major of Marine Corps Special Operations Raider Support Group. With a distinguished 30-year career, Bret's combat leadership spans significant operations like 'Just Cause' in Panama, the Persian Gulf War, and multiple deployments during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The retreat aims to harness the therapeutic effects of surfing and the ocean, known to have a profound impact on veterans. Beyond the waves, it provides a unique space for veterans to reconnect, sharing a bond forged through shared experiences across the globe—a camaraderie that's often challenging to replicate outside the military.

At CAVU, we believe in supporting those who have served our country. Our sponsorship of The SUP Veterans reflects our commitment to creating environments where veterans can rekindle that unbreakable bond, finding solace, support, and rejuvenation in the vast embrace of the ocean.

As we continue to champion veterans' causes, we're grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the remarkable work of The SUP Veterans. To learn more, visit https://thesupvets.org/.

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