Episode 2: Eddie Lawson - Four-time Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing World Champion

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In this episode of Scar Tissue, retired Navy SEAL Wes Spence interviews Eddie Lawson, former four-time Grand Prix motorcycle racing World Champion. Nicknamed “Steady Eddie” because of his mental toughness and focus mindset consistently finishing in the points, Wes chats with Eddie and uncovers how he mentally prepared for races, his lessons learned (good & challenges), and look at how he accomplished what he has over the course of his career.

Born in Upland, CA, Eddie received his first motorcycle at age 7 and started his racing career on the SOCAL dirt track circuit. In 1984, Eddie won his first of four World Championships.  Then, in 1989 Eddie shocked the racing world by announcing he would be leaving Yamaha to ride for Honda.  In 1989, Eddie became the first rider to ever win back-to-back championships on two machines from different manufacturers. By winning with both Yamaha and Honda, he silenced his critics who believed he would not be as successful away from the factory Marlboro Yamaha team.

Proving his talent on any surface or on any motorcycle, Eddie also won the ABC Superbikers event at Carlsbad, CA, in 1983 and 1985 which pitted the best riders from several disciplines against each other on a combined dirt and pavement course. When he retired from Grand Prix racing in 1990, he was ranked third on the all-time 500 Grand Prix with 31 wins.

After finishing his motorcycle career, Eddie pursued an automotive racing career in open-wheel single seater racing competing in the Indy Lights series and eventually CART.  In the 1996 Indy Car season, he competed in 11 races with his best results being two sixth-place finishes at U.S. 500 and the Detroit Indy Grand Prix.

These days you can find the former World Champion enjoying himself riding anything fast equipped with wheels. From his Kawasaki Motocross bike to his Giant Mountain bike, riding will always be weekly part of Eddie’s life.