Episode 8: Tom Richards - U.S. Navy SEAL, Rear Adm. (Ret)

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In our latest Scar Tissue episode, we feature the remarkable journey of Tom Richards, a retired U.S. Navy SEAL Rear Admiral, fondly known as "The Hulk."

From his early days at Villanova University to commanding the Naval Special Warfare Command, Richards shares insights into his 30-year military career.Graduating from BUD/S class 55 in 1970, Richards served in pivotal roles, from SEAL Team One in the Mekong Delta during the Vietnam War to commanding operations in the Persian Gulf. His unwavering courage earned him the Bronze Star Medal and Purple Heart.Born in Bay Shore, New York, Richards's background in lifeguarding and wrestling prepared him for the rigorous challenges of the Navy Underwater Demolition Teams. His massive strength earned him the nickname "The Hulk."

The episode delves into Richards's harrowing experience rescuing injured SEAL teammates in the Vietnam War, highlighting his extraordinary valor in the face of enemy fire. Richards attributes his values of integrity and self-sacrifice to his parents and reflects on how military training honed these principles.

Tune in to witness the inspiring journey of a true American hero, whose courageous runs into the "kill zone" saved lives and exemplify the essence of leadership and sacrifice. #ScarTissue #NavySEAL