Elevating Safety and Performance: CAVU Teams Up with Elsa Energy in Malaysia

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At CAVU International, we understand the critical importance of fostering safety and enhancing performance in the energy industry. That's why we're proud to collaborate with our local Malaysian partner, Elsa Energy, who shares our commitment to excellence.


Last week, our teams came together at the Aberdeen Drilling International (ADI) training center in Kuala Lumpur for an immersive learning session. The focus of this session was Crew Resource Management (CRM) alongwith simulator training, both of which are instrumental in elevating safety and performance on-site.


The ADI training center provided the perfect environment forhands-on learning and skill development. Through interactive exercises andstate-of-the-art simulators, teams are able to refine their abilities inreal-world scenarios. This kind of practical training is invaluable in preparing crews to handle any situation they may encounter in the field.


One highlight of the session was the introduction to theDrill Well on Simulator (DWOS) program. This cutting-edge technology allows teams to simulate drilling operations, providing a realistic and risk-free environment for training and skill honing, further enhancing preparedness and proficiency on the job.


We're proud to work with Elsa Energy who share our vision and dedication to making the energy sector safer and more efficient.

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