CAVU Welcomes David "Shiner" Ehrmann

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We are proud to announce David "Shiner" Ehrmann as CAVU’s new Regional Operations Manager, Southeast Asia & Australia. He has over a decade of experience as an industrial human performance coach throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, SE Asia and Australia.

“I knew Shiner was going to excel as a coach the minute I met him over 11 years ago. He builds lasting relationships everywhere he goes and brings unique value to each project he’s involved in. We are truly honored to have him join our team”, said CAVU CEO Dave Burnham.

David’s background in forging strategic partnerships with government agencies and local stakeholders will play a vital role in expanding CAVU’s presence internationally. He will work closely with our global partners; RelyOn Nutec, MSTS and Aberdeen Drilling International to improve safety and performance in this area of the world.

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